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Our cider press is running non-stop this time of the year!

October is here and that means crisp fall days are back.  What better way is there to enjoy the new season than with a flavorful glass of our fresh squeezed cider?  Our cider is pressed fresh daily from tree-ripened apples that are grown right in our own orchard.  The process from apple to juice is relatively simple.  The apples are hand picked, cooled, washed, inspected, and then sent through the mill.  The slurry of apples is then pumped into a press. The juice is then squeezed from the apple slurry and pumped into a large mix tank where the  flavors of the many different apple varieties are mixed.  After the mixing process is complete the cider is processed via a UV light, bottled, and shipped to your local market.  So, celebrate the new season by enjoying a glass of Engelsma’s Apple Barn cider.